COVID-19 Client information

UPDATE 18 May 2020

I wanted to reassure any potential new clients and existing clients that Westons Wills and Probate is still open for business. I am working where possible from home but also work in the office. A benefit of being a small business is that social distancing can be maintained within my offices.

I would like to reassure all my clients that It is possible to put your Will in place and to ensure your wishes are carried out despite the pandemic. You may be considering an update of your Will or putting in place Lasting Powers of Attorney. All this can still be carried out.

If possible, I will take instructions via video call, however, if you are an existing client then instructions can be taken over the phone. If you are not able to facilitate a video call then it may be possible to take instructions in person while maintaining social distancing, minimising risk.

As to getting your documents signed, I will have a detailed conversation with you prior to signing your documents. I will take you through your documents in detail ensuring you have full knowledge and approval of the content. I will discuss with you the legal requirements of signing your documents. I will also send you detailed instructions as to how to sign your documents legally.

It is also recommended that you video the signing of your Will as this will provide evidence that the procedure has been carried out correctly, complying with all the necessary formalities. I am always willing to supervise the signing of your documents by video calling.

In recognition and support of our key workers, I am offering a 15% discount until 4th July.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on mobile 07931 411733.