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Don't cut corners when making your will

Many will writers are offering a cheaper service but there are dangers in selecting your will writer based purely on cost. Westons Wills and Probate offer an appointment with every instruction. This is not the case with all will writing companies. Without personally meeting your client the Will is vulnerable to challenge on the grounds of capacity. Again without a qualified professional being present when your Will is signed this will make your Will vulnerable to further challenge on the grounds of lack of knowledge and approval and validity.

You spend many years building up your assets. Why cut corners when it comes to what will happen to your assets when you pass away?

A Will is a very important document and should be afforded the time and expense it deserves.

For many years solicitors have tried to prepare wills cheaper than their competitors for fear of losing other work to them. This has been a mistake causing many unqualified people to enter the unregulated market who again try to undercut legally qualified professionals in the preparation of wills.

At Westons Wills and Probate we give you a bespoke service affording you time to consider your succession fully with the peace of mind that all legal requirements are fully considered and your wishes will be carried out. We may not be as cheap as some will writing companies. However, we offer a professional service by legally qualified people with many years of experience. We consider quality is key to a successful business.

Amanda Weston FCILEX MIPW
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