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Free drop-in clinic at our new offices

I'm really excited to be working in Old Snuff Mill Warehouse alongside Joanne Atkinson of ifoothealthcare and also Sonia Findley of Serenity. Our businesses compliment each other as we each strive to help our clients in different ways.  It is very satisfying when we see our clients leaving with a smile and a spring in their step.

I enjoy meeting new clients spending time with them to understand their wishes and helping them to make important decisions. I aim to provide a welcoming and approachable service.

I have been self-employed for over four years now. It is the best decision I have ever made. I have always worked in the legal profession. My first job was with Painters in Church Street, Kidderminster in 1986. I have worked at various firms in Birmingham, Worcester and Kidderminster over the years.  In the late 1990's I started training as a Legal Executive and made the decision that I wanted to specialise in Wills and Probate. I qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive in 2004. This was a very memorable day for me and something I feel very proud of.

I have worked with many clients helping them to put their plans in place. It really doesn't matter how big or small your estate is or what the assets are which you own.  I can assist you in ensuring that when that times comes the transition will be a smooth one and your wishes will be put in place. As well as helping individuals with succession planning I have also worked with business owners and assisted with plans for their business should they die or in the event of them losing capacity, working with accountants to ensure sufficient life insurance is in place, advising on tax implications and corporate lawyers to review shareholder agreements and partnership agreements.

Please see my note (Appendix A) for some further information on making a Will.

Free Drop in Clinic
On the first Wednesday of every month I will be holding a free drop in clinic between the hours of 9.30 am and 3pm. I will be happy to answer your questions, review your current Will and Powers of Attorney.

If you would like to make an appointment for a Will, advice on Lasting Powers of Attorney or probate please call me on 07931 411733 or phone 01299 405873.  Please also have a look at my competitive charges or just call in and ask for a copy of my charges list.

Some things to bear in mind

Why do I need a Will?  My family will get everything anyway won’t they?
This is a question I often have to answer.  The law states who will get what if you die without making a Will.  If you have a spouse or civil partner and children the law states how much your spouse /civil partner and children will receive. Your spouse may not receive as much of your estate as you thought they would.  If there was a catastrophe and you and your loved ones died together then the law states certain living relatives will take your estate.  I often find people are not happy with the order of entitlement created by the law.  If you do not want this to happen you should make a Will.

I don’t have anything to leave!!
It really doesn’t matter how big or small your estate is, there are many advantages of making a Will.  Some of which include appointing Executors who you would like to deal with your affairs upon your death rather than the law stating who will deal with your financial affairs.  It is not always everyone's choice to have family members deal with their financial affairs. They may wish to use a friend or a professional such as myself. You can also state your funeral wishes*.  It is the Executor’s responsibility to put the funeral plans in place making it even more important to choose your Executors with care. 

I have children  -  Why is it important for me to make a Will?
If you have children it is also important to appoint Guardians who will be responsible for your children's health and welfare whilst they are under 18 years.  It is also important to appoint Trustees who will manage your children's money.  These decisions can be difficult to make but I can assist you to put these plans in place. 

You may also have step- children from a second marriage or relationship.  You may want to consider putting plans in place to ensure that your assets are protected for your own children or other relatives.

You may want to consider including a trust for your children should you die whilst they are still minors to ensure they have money to fund education, be able to continue to live in your home, to assist Guardians buy a bigger home, to buy a bigger car and to continue to enjoy a lifestyle you would have wanted for them.  Trustees can also ensure that your children are not given too much capital at too young an age which can be a concern for many people.

I have a cohabitee – should I make a Will?
If you died without leaving a will your Cohabitee would not receive anything under the current law.  Your cohabitee would have to make a claim upon your estate.  This is not ideal as it causes distress to the cohabitee and other family members who are left behind.  It can also be an expensive exercise.  It is much better to ensure you have made adequate provision for your cohabitee.