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Emerging from Lockdown 3

Since 23rd March 2020 life has changed dramatically for lots of us. It is hard to imagine what some families have gone through over this last year and also the NHS staff who have nursed all those who have had to go into hospital.

It’s been a time when all of us have had to look to ourselves, discovering new ways to spend our time. Finding ways to spend many hours without social contact in person has been challenging at times for most of us. Isolation is sadly something which many people suffer at the best of times, but lockdown has made it so much worse and for many more people.

There is no better time to check that your wishes are in place in order and that your loved ones will not be left having to deal with unravelling a mess should you die.

If you cohabit with someone and you are not married or in a civil partnership the law does not provide for your cohabitee upon your death. It is very important that you make a Will. Your cohabitee does not even have the right to organise your funeral. This is a responsibility for the personal representative (Executor or Administrator). Neither does your cohabitee have a right to deal with your estate. This is all laid down by law and this may not be what you want. I believe it is much better to make a Will to ensure that the people you would like to arrange your funeral and administer your estate are the people you choose and not let the law dictate what will happen.

Furthermore, if you have children who are under the age of 18 years and you do not decide who is to be the Guardians of your children then it will be up to those left behind to apply to the court to be the Guardians of your children. This may not be what you want and can cause delay and uncertainty for your children. You can appoint Guardians of your children in your Will in the event that all those who have parental responsibility for your children have died.

It is also important to consider who would be the Executor of your Will and Trustee of any continuing trust holding money for your children. It is recommended that the Trustees are different people to those appointed as Guardians. However, if it is not possible to find another two people to look after any money you leave for your children then it is possible to have your Guardians as Trustees also.

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