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Probate Services

When a loved-one dies there are many things to think about at the same time as dealing with feelings of loss and grief. Mandy Weston will help you in an efficient but compassionate way.

Usually after someone dies their estate needs to be administered, which means the deceased person’s assets need to be transferred to the people who are to inherit them. This maybe applying for Probate (if the deceased person left a valid will), or Letters of Administration (if they did not).

Mandy will come to see you in your own home to discuss your situation and advise you of the necessary legal steps to be taken to resolve the financial issues arising from your bereavement.

Mandy will have one to one care of your case which will be dealt with in a very sensitive way.

our Probate Services

Full Probate Service

I offer a complete Probate Service, whether the deceased left a Will or not. This would include notifying and corresponding with all the necessary third parties and then completing all the Probate and Inland Revenue documentation. A third party will prepare the Oath where necessary. The fee for the third party is included in the fees on the charges page.

Our fees for this work are a percentage charge of between 1.5% and 2.5% of the gross value of the estate plus any disbursements (such as court fees and section 27 notices).

Probate Only Service

This is a reduced service where I assist you in completing the necessary inheritance tax forms and then applying for the necessary grant. A third party will prepare the Oath where necessary. The fee for this is included in the fees on the charges page.

When the grant is received you would then complete the administration yourself.
I undertake this work on a “fixed fee” basis depending on the size and complexity of the estate which can reduce your legal costs.

It should be noted that I do not charge VAT on our fees.


If you would like further advice on any of these issues please do not hesitate to contact us